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Best Deals & Download PDF eBook AHNENERBE: Your Killer Is Under Your Skin by Olga Skorbatyuk

AHNENERBE: Your Killer Is Under Your Skin by Olga Skorbatyuk

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Olga Skorbatyuk
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AHNENERBE: Your Killer Is Under Your Skin

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Book review

You do not know anything about the world and about your selves because you were ordered to believe. You do not know how to think, analyze, and all your "thoughts" are just a walk to the internal "cinema," where you will be told and shown how to live and what to be. And, you will have nothing left other than to do that, what your "inner voice" told you, and reinforced with corresponding sensations.

A human and a computer have a similarity: both do not work without software. A computer without software is a pile of useless metal. A human without software is a body, in which automatic physiological processes support life, but he cannot function, he is “a vegetable.” Today many people are familiar with computer software, but no one is familiar with “software” of a human. Although human software is actually the “soul” that throughout many centuries people are looking for so hard and cannot find. Software and psyche (soul) are synonyms. The role of human software is enormous: it is the basis of functioning of human psychophysiology.

This civilization has come up with a lot of modifications of artificial software without coming close to even approaching the question of every person having natural software, given by nature at the time of birth. People had to live somehow. Humans differ from animals: software of animals works automatically since the moment birth, it is not necessary to comprehend and study it, it just works. This is different with humans. So, artificial software was invented instead of natural. Although it differs from natural like papier-mâché or plastic apples differ from natural apples.

This civilization in fact forced humanity to eat plastic apples by creating artificial software. The outcome is easy to predict: such diet leads to imminent death. This is exactly what is happening. People of this civilization live for seventy to ninety years on average. Meanwhile physiologists state that the human body is designed by nature to live a healthy (and youthful!) life of several hundred of years. Instead, we have colossally rapid wear of psychophysiology, premature aging and death. Due to these “apples,” inborn human potential is realized by one to two percent at best. Just imagine: everyday people eat only plastic apples. The result, however, is extended through time, and it is similar to the effect of a person taking daily micro dozes of poison.

What about the natural software? And, why no one knows about it? To know there needs to be a source of information. The source of knowledge about software of Homo sapiens as a textbook, from which each person can learn his or her natural program is not available in this civilization. Uncovering it without a source of information by means of “diving deep within oneself” does not work. Instead of knowledge there is only imagination. Without a “textbook” or, better said, instructions, a human simply cannot comprehend him or her self. The intellect of modern Homo sapiens does not work. He is blocked by artificial software. Completely! You do not believe this, are filled with outrage, protest, wondering what do people think with then? The answer is: with nothing because people do not think.

Instead of intellect people have ancestors’ heritage, “Ahnenerbe.” And, the word called “thought” is a file from this “Golden collection.” People do not even have imagination. All imagination is the fruit of the “great inheritance,” and that is all. So, getting to know his own self is not the only challenge that modern human intellect failed to achieve.

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