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When we think about technology, then we must be aware of the fact that it so one of the most important technological inventions in the 21st century. There are many important factors which contribute to making electric cars or e-cars very successful and famous in the world while there are some pros and cons to electric cars

Traditional cars that runs of fossil fuel which is one of the reasons that contributes in pollution that leads to climate change and other serious environmental issues.  But we can’t ignore many other cons of e-cars that comes with it. This article will help you understand the pros of e-cars so let’s get started.

The Pros Of Electronic Cars

Quiet Plus Quicker

It is quieter when compared to the cars that operate on petroleum-powered combustion engines. Most of EV runs on the latest technology and for that reason, it is very quieter and once you step on the acceleration pedal it can quickly speed up and travel thus providing exciting driving experience but there are some  pros and cons to electric cars

Can be Charged at Home

Remember the times when you have to visit the gas station frequently for recharge. But these electric cars can be recharged at home so there’s no need to travel to gas stations all you need is to reach the plugin and turn on the power button.

It has been observed that a single charge can run approximately 200 miles and it does hours of time to recharge your EV.

The Cons Of Electric Car

Limited Range

It is a known fact although EV can run up to a distance of 200 + miles if you want to travel over that range then it can be an issue because. And it is a known fact that it takes hours of time to fully recharge your vehicle.  Therefore, if you want to travel for a distance longer than the permitted range, therefore, consider your plans.

Higher Cost

Cost is an issue that can people from purchasing electronic vehicles as currently e-cars are priced between 35,000 $ to 50,000 $. Such high priced can be a factor in deciding the future of e-cars, while e-cars are just starting to make a wave in the car industry but it has not been able to make it as standard so considering the pros and cons to electric cars.


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