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Month: December 2019

Bliki: WaterfallProcess

Bliki: WaterfallProcess

In the software world, “waterfall” is commonly used to describe a style of software process, one that contrasts with the ideas of iterative, or agile styles. Like many well-known terms in software it’s meaning is ill-defined and origins are obscure – but I find its essential theme is breaking down a large effort into phases […]

Will Internet Technology Have Further Growth?

The world has become a ‘global village’. This oxymoron is because of the immense contribution of the internet and the way it has been able to successfully bring the globe together in a village like community. The term ‘Global Village’ was coined in 1970s by the great visionary Marshall McLuhan. This has been converted into […]

Do Graphic Designers Need Coding?

The field of graphic design used to be a reasonably straightforward field. However, as technology has advanced, the expectations and demands on graphic designers has grown considerably. Just look at any jobs board or employment listing and you will see that employers want people who can double as web developers. However, the old saying, jack-of-all-trades, […]

Bliki: ExploratoryTesting

Bliki: ExploratoryTesting

Exploratory testing is a style of testing that emphasizes a rapid cycle of learning, test design, and test execution. Rather than trying to verify that the software conforms to a pre-written test script, exploratory testing explores the characteristics of the software, raising discoveries that will then be classified as reasonable behavior or failures. The exploratory […]

How Can You Start Coding?

You can choose from a variety of coding languages. However, you have to understand 5 fundamental concepts first of all: variables, control structures, data structures, syntax and tools. Once you have understood these concepts, you will have a strong base to build your coding career on. Choose a Language You should choose the right language […]

Coding Language Used In Apple Apps

While it may sound like a very technical undertaking, anyone with a good knowledge of object oriented computer programming can easily develop iPhone apps. However, due to restrictions placed by Apple, not all object oriented programming languages are suitable for would be developers. Here is a detailed guide on what programming language is best and […]